Japanese Usui Reiki Courses Levels 1,2 and 3

The world would be a better place if more people learnt Reiki

Reiki 1, 2 and 3 courses 

Each course last's one full day. You also received additional mentoring after the course.

The world would be a better place if more people learned Reiki.

Reiki is a magical gift that is available to everyone.

I teach traditional Usui sytem of natural healing which is a Japanese  healing art.

Whichever course you are looking to book, all my Reiki training days are personalised just for you and run on a one-to-one basis.

I work one-to-one for the whole day with you to give you the best Reiki training day ever.

My years of experience teaching Reiki have taught me each students need something different from the day. So that’s what I give you.

So why choose me for your Reiki Teacher

Because I want the best for you. am  I support you connecting the best version of you. Of course, you will receive all the knowledge and attunements you need for your Reiki course.

But I want to give you more.

I teach what I feel is the purest form of Reiki, which is Usui Reiki.

Reiki is such a wonderful healing art that it is transformative by its very nature, so you will transform on your Reiki journey. You will literally invite light into your own life and that invitation alone will gently shift you, so you are more in alignment with your true nature.

Old hurts and blockages holding you back in life will be softened and healed simply by learning and using Reiki on yourself.

Life becomes less of a struggle and more of a joy.

As you continue on your Reiki journey you will blossom and bloom.

I look on teaching you Reiki as just the beginning. As a spiritual mentor I can give ongoing support to you as you grow.

So why am I so passionate about helping you?

Simply because I want the best for you and I know the happier and more in alingment you are with yourself the more that will ripple out into the world.

I know when I did my own Reiki training once the course was completed then the support was gone until the next course.

Reiki will open you up to a whole host of new possibilities and I don’t want you to feel alone on your path, which is why I have started my online community for you.

There are many benefits to embracing Reiki as part of your life, it’s so simple to learn, non-religious and once you are attuned it’s with you for life. 

if you have any questions you would like to ask about any of my courses please contact me at : morag@moragturner.com or call 07488367753

Reiki 1

Reiki level 1 is your first step.

Reiki 1 will support your own journey back to your heart and help support your loved ones. What a beautiful gift to yourself!

Just think how you will feel living in a more relaxed way and living life more in flow. You will feel happier, more creative and have more energy for yourself and others.

Once you are attuned to Reiki and can access universal energy you can use it in a hundred ways.

  • Help you relax and deal with stress.
  • Keep you focused and in the flow.
  • Soothe away pain and discomfort.
  • Help your loved ones or your children sleep at night.

You can never give too much Reiki once you are trained. Imagine how beautiful it will be to treat yourself, friends, family and even plants. Yes, that’s right you can even use it to make your garden grow.

I will be with you every step of your Reiki journey and you also will have the support of my online community for life absolutely free.

Once you book your course we can chat by either email or on the phone to find out exactly why you want to learn Reiki and I will create a unique day just for you.

It’s your day lovely.

Each course is taught over one day which will be a very special day just for you. 

Cost of Course is £180

The extra support you will receive from me are:

60-minute mentoring session by phone or email to be taken after your course. 

I offer this extra support to my students as I want this to be the start of a journey for you.

Reiki 2

So, are you ready for the next stage of your journey?

Let’s jump right in and create the perfect day for you. It makes no difference to the course if you are a returning student or started your Reiki journey with a different teacher.

Now you have experienced how empowering it is to have Reiki in your life.

It’s time to step forward into Reiki 2 and polish your practical skills so you can now become a qualified practitioner and charge for your treatments.

You will receive further attunements today and learn the power of Reiki symbols.

You will also learn how to use Reiki as a distance healing tool.

Your self-healing from Reiki 1 has prepared you to open up to the powerful transformative energy of Reiki 2.

As you walk further on your journey as a light worker and healer you will learn more about the tools for your journey.

So, what do you need from this day? Apart from all the aspects of teaching you and attuning you to Reiki 2 we will also have some time just for you. So, think about what you want from this day. Do you want more knowledge or perhaps to clear any resistance around things that you have noticed since Reiki 1?

The day is yours lovely so let’s make it a beautiful and empowering one.

I will also give you further guidance on creating your sacred space and treating clients.

You are the narrator of your own story. Just decide where you want to go.

When I completed my Reiki 2 course I was just left to my own devices. But what makes me different as a teacher is that I want to support you after your course. 

Cost  of course £180

Includes 60-minute mentoring session by phone or email after your course.

Contact me morag@moragturner.com or call 07488367753

Reiki 3

So what’s next after Reiki 2? Once you are confident in treating clients with Reiki I can introduce you to Reiki 3 and Reiki Master Training. These allow you to explore the world of Reiki at a deeper level.

Some students want to progress to this level as they have a passion for sharing Reiki with the world. Other students commit to this course for their own self-development. Both reasons are perfect for choosing this training.

I found Reiki 3 the most powerful of all my attunements as it opened my world up and shifted me at a cellular level.

Reiki and I became one and that felt so right.

You will receive a further two powerful attunments during your Reiki 3 course.

We will also explore other forms of Reiki and the symbols used.

As with all my courses this is your day and there will be time in the day for you to decide what you want from me. More knowledge around a subject or perhaps some Spiritual Mentoring or clearing of any resistance you may have? It’s entirely up to you.

Cost of Course £180

As with all my other courses you will receive the following additional support.

Included as a 60-minute mentoring session by phone or email after you course is completed. 

Your next step after Reiki 3 is your Reiki Master Training. 

So, let’s have that chat and see where you are on your Reiki journey. My promise to you is that I will be with you every step of the way on your Reiki journey. 

Contac  me at morag@moragturner.com or call 07488367753

Love and Blessings 

Morag x

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Morag Turner
Morag Turner
Mystic, Magdalen Priestess, Reiki Master, Sound Alchemist, Truth Seeker, Illuminator,Soul Healer, Seer

About the instructor

To live life alive is your core heart intent. When young, you lived life alive! Breathing fully and deeply, trusting life to nourish you. Laughing out loud from your bellies and smiling from your hearts. You played and whirled and twirled with joy.

Being free from anxiety, stress, trauma and emotional pain willbring to a place where you can have more space for joy and serenity.

Therapeutic sessions and Intuitive Spiritual Mentoring will support you in deepening your own “intuitive knowing” through conscious lifestyle choices, so that you can once more live life alive!

I offer one to one Therapy Sessions and Personalised Journeys into the Soul, weaving a unique experience for you with Crystal & Tibetan Bowls, and other Sacred Tools.

Distant Intuitive Readings

Distant Soul to Soul Healing

Distant Reiki Healing

Divine Feminine Healing

Sacred Sound Healing

The Divine Feminine Healing Journey

Reiki and energy balancing


Indian Head Massage

Ayurvedic Facials (including third eye opening)

Intuitive Soul Readings

Personal Intuitive Spiritual Mentor

Reiki Training levels 1,2,3 and Master

Raw and Living Foods Teacher

Online sessions are offered globally – opening the door for those who cannot always travel to Kent UK.During our time together, you will attune with your synergetic relationship with all of life and the body in which you live. It’s an ongoing process of jubilance and questioning – a wave like motion of experiences. A journey that will take you to a beautiful space.

“There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens, this is the Light that shines in our heart” – Chandoyga Upanishad

Contact me at moragturner.com to arrange a free consultation.

Love and Blessings to all those who chose to dance with me.

Morag 💙🙏💙

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