Morag Turner


Personal Sessions

Holding Sacred Space for you. With love and compassion I will show you the way to your inner light and joy of your true nature.


Soul to Soul Distance Healing - £50 for 60 Minutes

Enjoy 60 minutes of this profound and transformative experience. This unique and balancing therapy will get to the root causes of any emotional phyical or spiritual inbalances you may be experiencing.


Free Heart Gift Consultation

Connect with me and I will support you on your journey.. "I have come to drag you out of yourself and take you in my heart. I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had and lift you like a prayer to the sky - Rumi


FREE Connecting to The Divine Feminine Within YOU Meditation

This FREE Powerful Transformative Meditation uses the spoken word and the mystical and sacred sound of Tibetan and Crystal Bowls will guide you home the Divine Light with you.


Intuitive Guidance- 60 Minutes £50.00

I want to help you connect to your own inner mythology. Using soul information, oracle channelling and my psychic and medium ship gifts I help you find answers to questions you may have. These sessions are empowering and uplifting.


The Divine Feminine Journey

A 6-month healing journey working with the healing energies of Saints, Mystics, Gurus and Goddesses. All mentoring sessions are done by telephone or video so this course is open to all.


Sacred Sound Bath Soul Awakening Journeys start from £60.00

Prices start for £60 for 60 minutes Using the ancient and traditional tools of Sacred Sound (crystal and Tibetan bowls) Reiki and other energy healing, breath work and meditation, I can lead you home to your heart.❤️


Reflexology - 60 Minutes

Reflexology is the most amazing scrumptious treatment for bringing you back into a place of deep relaxation and balance.


Reiki - 60 Minutes

Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing therapy that will soothe and relax you. Enhancing your bodies own natural intelligence to support healing and help bring balance to your mind body and soul.


Indian Head Massage is Amazing ! - 45 Minutes

Bliss :) This traditional Indian massage has been taught in India for 1000’s of years.It can be done with or without oil and you remain fully clothed through out the treatmen


Learn the Beautiful Japanese Art of Usui Healing Reiki Course 1, 2 and 3

The world could be a better place if more people learnt Reiki. You could then use all the energy that you currently use to be stressed, anxious and frustrated to create the life you want.


Reiki Mastery Course - The ultimate course to change your life forever in just one year.

Reiki Buisness Mastery is a life changing experiences. Transform your life in just one year. Start your Reiki Business with all the tools you need from attunements to marketing.


Sacred Sound Baths, journey back to your Heart Cente ❤️ from £60 for 75 Minutes

Through Journeys of Awakening you find your song and bring it back into your life. - Feeling into your inner mythology and finding your Bliss. 75 Minutes - £60 There are several unique and personally attuned Journeys of Awakening.


Ignite your Happy Soul in just 7 Days