I dedicate this Meditation to all women around the globe the awakening of the Divine Feminine light that is within us all will save our beautiful home planet earth.

Love and Blessing Morag 💙 xx

A transcript of the meditation is written out below but you will be fully guided during the meditation so just relax and enjoy .

Welcome Divine and beautiful beings

Today I am inviting you to connect to the Divine Feminine with you. The sound of sacred Tibetan bowls can open up a portal to your true and authentic self.

Now lie or sit and get really comfortable. Use a blanket to keep cosy, switch off your phone and make sure you won’t be disturbed. 

I also recommend that you don’t drive or operate machinery immediately after this meditation.

We will start by bringing your focus to your natural breath. No efforting is required just follow your natural breath feel how the air flows in and out of your lungs like the waves of he ocean. 

As each breath moves in and out of your body feel your body start to relax and soften and your mind quiet.

Just keep focusing on the breath, feel your body yielding relax and be stil/

Now come with me on a journey of discovery  Listen to the call to the Divine being within you and feel her awakening from slumber.

I am the divine feminine

The light of the divine shines from within

I have wisdom and knowing and inner strength I never imagined belonged in this world

My power disturbs me, turbulence in the silence 

Secret, silent, supressed?


My heart is brave, my voice strong and steady.

I waited for you in the stillness my love and you came

You never left, you never turned your back on me 




Love of eons 

My inner glow 

Delight, Bliss, Stillness

The Divine Goddess is with us all

I invite you to awaken to the wonder of who you be

Divine being 

I invite you to feel how truly beautiful you are 

Divine one 

You were created to be worshipped 

For you are creation.

Come with me on a journey of awakening. Invite the mystical ancient feminine lineage of the generations that lays dormant within you to awaken from slumber.

Now is the time to receive 

Your inner beauty, your glow is your birth-right.

Praise for this course:

About the instructor

Mystic, Magdalen Priestess, Reiki Master, Sound Alchemist, Truth Seeker, Illuminator,Soul Healer, Seer

Morag Turner

For over a decade I have been helping clients “remember”, connecting them to that strong, powerful woman that they are. It’s all about remembering.

As a small child, I was told I had an active imagination but all I was doing was connecting to my own inner mythology, exploring my inner terrain. The world outside me was not so exciting but my inner plains were vast and exciting where I could explore mystical magical me.

In my early years, I lived on the edge of the Malaysian jungle and ran feral and free.

My Dharma is to guide you to the truth of who you are to support you with love and wisdom in your awakening process.

I connected to my spiritual teacher Shivani and began my journey back to self over 20 years ago. Our student-teacher relationship was long-distance.

“I have known and worked with Morag for many years, as student, client, and friend, and I have personally experienced her profound gift of professional expressions of a unique blend of therapies and experiential wisdom offered with a dedication to authentic and integral ways of working.

I now lovingly endorse Morag as a co-worker, who interacts with all her clients with the deepest integrity.

As I find my life taking me into an expression of retirement, it is my satisfying joy to know that Morag will continue to serve, nourish and nurture her clients as I feel I have done throughout my life as a therapist, teacher, and spiritual guide.

Morag exemplifies true and humble professionalism in a most precious and gifted expression of care and compassion, always inviting her clients to be the very best of who they are. Whilst ever holding space for gentle expansion, she will never shy from evoking the best within each person who sits with her.” ~ Shivani.

I am a Magdalen High Priestess, Master Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher, and Holistic Therapist.

My journey to my own remembering led me around the world, learning from many Spiritual Teachers and Mystics. I don't follow any particular tradition but have woven my own tapestry of light from the teachings, I received and have created a unique way of “Remembering Her”.

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