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FREE  Guide ~ Ignite your Happy Soul in just Seven Days

Are you struggling with life at any level?  I will help you ignite your Happy Soul in just seven days to feel the power of this process I want you to commit to making a small amount of time in your day for the next seven days to work through each section of this course.

My Free Ignite your Happy Soul plan will help you feel differently about your life and yourself. With a Happy Soul you life just is easier and happier. The secrets I am sharing with you are small simple things that have proved most effective for my clients over the years.

Why have I created  this valuable guide available for FREE ?

Because so many of my clients were stuck in lives that didn’t serve them

It was like they were stuck in dark hole and as much as they tried to jump to get out

they couldn’t. So I felt into my heart and and thought how could I help them in a vry simple gentle way.

Are you feeling:
  • Stuck ?
  • Exhausted?
  • Frustrated?

If you life is not optimum in any way then I urge you to download my FREE guide and follow the simple exercises and suggestion which have all been designed by me for you with LOVE.

This is the beginning of your journey with me. Follow me of Face book to receive more pointings to your true inner essence and work with me if you choose.

I am totally committed to helping my clients connect wit their authentic selves.

“I am a healer by nature…….but my soul purpose is to connect you to your higher self. Give me a day and  I will set you on your path to your own beautiful awakening ~ Morag “

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Morag Turner
Morag Turner
Mystic, Magdalen Priestess, Reiki Master, Sound Alhemist, Truth Seeker, Illuminator,Soul Healer

About the instructor

To live life alive is your core heart intent. When young, you lived life alive! Breathing fully and deeply, trusting life to nourish you. Laughing out loud from your bellies and smiling from your hearts. You played and whirled and twirled with joy.

Being free from anxiety, stress, trauma and emotional pain willbring to a place where you can have more space for joy and serenity.

Therapeutic sessions and Intuitive Spiritual Mentoring will support you in deepening your own “intuitive knowing” through conscious lifestyle choices, so that you can once more live life alive!

I offer one to one Therapy Sessions and Personalised Journeys into the Soul, weaving a unique experience for you with Crystal & Tibetan Bowls, and other Sacred Tools.

Distant Intuitive Readings

Distant Soul to Soul Healing

Distant Reiki Healing

Divine Feminine Healing

Sacred Sound Healing

The Divine Feminine Healing Journey

Reiki and energy balancing


Indian Head Massage

Ayurvedic Facials (including third eye opening)

Intuitive Soul Readings

Personal Intuitive Spiritual Mentor

Reiki Training levels 1,2,3 and Master

Raw and Living Foods Teacher

Online sessions are offered globally – opening the door for those who cannot always travel to Kent UK.During our time together, you will attune with your synergetic relationship with all of life and the body in which you live. It’s an ongoing process of jubilance and questioning – a wave like motion of experiences. A journey that will take you to a beautiful space.

“There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens, this is the Light that shines in our heart” – Chandoyga Upanishad

Contact me at moragturner.com to arrange a free consultation.

Love and Blessings to all those who chose to dance with me.

Morag 💙🙏💙

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