Magdalen Priestess Journey

Calling all Way showers, Light Workers and Light Weavers it’s time to journey with me. 

By opening every part of yourself to the light you will feel and see your soul purpose more clearly. 

The teachings, meditations and ceremonies that form this course will heal and nourish you. 

The Priestess Journey is not always easy but by healing your sensitive spots you will flourish and feel the glow of your own inner light. The more you heal the more light you can bring to the world.

Mary Magdalen was a black robed Nazarene Priestess. Her ancient teachings support us in learning to weave light and self-love into our everyday life.

I offer you the opportunity through this journey to explore the truth of you own divine awakening. Emerging from the darkness of illusion into the light and with the light comes great wisdom, truth and joy.

“Nothing can overwhelm you when you know who you truly are” ~ Moragji 


These teachings and healings will take you deep within yourself, bringing you back to your fullness of expression. I will gently guide you to connect to your divinity and encourage you to shine your light on the world.


Come Journey with me to the depths of your soul self.  Allowing yourself to receive healing and nurturing so you can flourish and be the best version of you.


Self-love will allow you to live your life in joy and bliss as love in action.


By inviting light in and weaving it into your everyday life you will feel a sense of balance and grace as you wander through each day.


My own spiritual practices and teachings have always been about living an ordinary life in an extraordinary way.


This year-long journey consists of eight workshops. In each workshop you will be guided to connect to the ancient mysteries of the priestess. Using eight Pagan Sabbats of the year to connect you in a very profound way to the Earth’s natural rhythms and changing seasons.


You can join the course at any of the Sabbats.


I will support you in connecting to your own divinity to live life empowered and full of self-love. For it is only from this place that you can heal the planet and serve mankind.


As you journey through each workshop and connect to different archetypes of the goddess you will heal and come home to yourself as you learn the ways of the priestess.


We will cover many aspects of the role of the priestess as you receive the mystical teachings: working with etheric crystals, communication with plants and animals, astral travel to other planets, elemental magic, flower language, creating an altar, manifestation, shapeshifting, rituals and so much more.


This is not a formal course; it is unique for each Priestess.


Each workshop is full of love and gentle healing and includes mystical teachings, personal healing and a ceremony for you to perform.


I encourage you to write a journal as you journey through the Sabbats.


If you choose to work one to one with me and wish to be initiated as a Magdalene Priestess, you will need to write a 2000 word essay about your experiences.


The initiation will be done at a distance, soul to soul, in the light at an appointed time and date.


Following the initiation, you will receive a certificate and can then use the title of Magdalene Priestess.


If you continue your training for a further year to become a Magdalene High Priestess, you can set up your own school to share the ancient mysteries and initiate your own students as Magdalene Priestesses; these mysteries are already within you waiting to be activated.


The Eight Worshops you will explore on your are:

Imbloc            The Mermaid

Ostara            The Maiden 

Beltane          The Wild Women

Litha              The Enchantress

Lughnasadh  The Earth Mother

Mabon.          The Seer

Shamain        The Crone

Yule.             The Midwife

Each Workshop includes Healing, Mystical Teachings and a Ceremony.

The course will last one year, and you will have access to each of the 8 workshops and also join the Facebook group  - Systers of The Light .

This journey is offered with two options: 


The Solo Journey offers you the opportunity work through the workshops on your own and receive deep healing and nourishing for your own personal evolution.


The Guided Journey offers you the opportunity to work through all the workshops and each month receive additional direction and personal healing from me on a one to one basis.  Gently guiding you deeper into your own mythology and healing. At the end of these teachings, you will have the opportunity to write a 2000 word essay about your experiences and become initiated as a Magdalen Priestess.


From here is you choose you can go on to train as a High Priestess and when that training in completed open your own Priestess School.

I will also offer additional meditations, guidance and support in the Facebook group. 

Solo Journey 

Your Investment is  £447  which includes 8 Workshops to be worked through over a period of 12 months and Life Time Membership of the Private Face Book Group  " Systers of The Light "

Early Bird Discount price for a limited time £317

Option 2

The Guided Journey Your Investment is  £1447 this  includes 8 Workshops to be worked through over a period of 12 months.

 12 x 90 Minutes Sessions on 1:1 healing and direction these session will be offered using a combination on email/ phone/video

 Life Time Membership of the Private Face Book Group  " Systers of The Light " At the end of your training you will have the oppertunity to become a Magdalen Priestess.

i can only take on a limited number of clients working 1:1 so please contact me at [email protected] to arrange this option.

If you require one to one support or healing outside of the Facebook group, then I can offer distance healing / guidance sessions by audio or email for £60 per hour. 

Its with a open heart I wolcome all those who choose to journey with me.

If you have any question about this joumey then arrange a Meet Up Call with me.

Love and Blessings 

Moragji xx

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